Holdmar Holdings LLC offers crypto for realty investments

Analysts from Holdmar Holdings LLC predict that in ten years a significant part of real estate financial operations will be done via blockchain due to low fees. In recent years cryptocurrencies have skyrocketed in value. Blockchain industry has a significant influence on payment system and markets. While Bitcoin and other leading cryptocurrencies remain to be

Gate.io to Launch NFT Platform for Creators

Grand Cayman / SEAPRWire / May 7, 2021 / – Digital asset exchange, Gate.io plans to launch NFT Magic Box, a platform for creating and auctioning NFTs. This is one of the first NFT trading platforms for minting, creation, promotion and auction.   NFT Magic Box interacts with the GateChain protocol to provide a cost-efficient

SACHME: Empowering Indian traditions and entrepreneurs and catering to Hindus from all over

SACHME, The Society Arrangements for Culture, Humanity, Meditation and Enlightenment is aimed to be a Hindu recreational centre spread across the world and will start it from UAE. The brainchild of Shri Anurag Maheshwari aims to provide a recreational and activity centre that will cater to specific religious communities allowing a user friendly and open

Japan Tech Companies Boost Brand Awareness with AsiaPresswire’s Tech News Releasing Platform

Tokyo, JAPAN / SEAPRWire / Tech shares soared as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Investors will be closely monitoring the tech sector and C-suite Tech executives will be looking to make every effort to boost brand perception. With AsiaPresswire‘s Tech Distribution Platform, Tech leaders can effectively distribute their company news, updates and performance reports

CHICOUTÉ Announces Their Official Launch In the US

Inspiring skincare brand, CHICOUTÉ, announces the launch of its anti-aging skincare product to customers in the United States CHICOUTÉ is the latest skincare brand committed to creating the most innovative, safe, and high-performance skincare products. Created by a group of world-renowned scientists and formulators, each CHICOUTÉ product provides powerful solutions to specific anti-aging needs. First

Marvous Wear Officially Launch In U.S And Focus On Korean Fashion Lovers

Marvous Wear is a fashion multi-brand collective boutique for those who seek the edge in a comfortable, affordable, stylish, and diverse fashion. The brand supports diverse, young, pleasurable, and optimistic lifestyles. MW was founded by two Korean buyers with more than years of experience. As frequent travelers and passionate shoppers, the team found ourselves in

Kingsgate Ranks Among the Leading International School in Malaysia

Founded in 2017, Kingsgate International School is set to become premier international school in Malaysia. They will offer a Kindergarten to Year 13 programme based on an International British Curriculum. For the inaugural opening in January 2018 they will offer Pre-Nursery through to Year 7. They take pride in becoming the first-choice educational institution for