Fivestar Health provides advanced Medical Diagnostics and Restorative Healing technologies to homes and businesses.

At Fivestar Health, our technologies fully connect to medical and health care specialists who are available at any time to take care of your health.

At Fivestar health, we work together with Alfa Med Limited to provide cutting-edge diagnostic and healing technology Sensitiv Audit to homes and businesses.

Sensitiv Audit is used in Medical Clinics, hospitals and health centres in Europe and worldwide. All the major certification bodies have approved Sensitiv Audit, including CE, FDA and ISO.

Sensitiv Audit is the most comprehensive and detailed medical diagnostic technology in the world today. It performs more medical investigation than all other mainstream medical technologies combined. It provides more detailed health information than Blood Tests, Ultrasound, X rays, CT scans, Endoscopies, and Biochemical Analysis put together. It performs the job of over nine medical specialists combined.

Sensitiv Audit examines all tissues and organs extensively and provides detailed information on a person’s health state.

With Sensitiv Audit, you can perform a fully comprehensive Non-invasive Blood Test and extensive microbiology to check for viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Besides, you can also check the body for environmental contaminants such as mercury and lead, check for food sensitivities and allergies and check for the body’s sensitivity and exposure to electromagnetic influences.

The device can also reveal the diseases present and even forecast conditions before they occur.

But that is just the beginning of what is possible with Sensitiv Audit. The device can test foods for food allergies and also test cosmetics for suitability for the skin.

And there is more. The device has in its database the wave characteristics of thousands of drugs, homoeopathic preparations, herbs and natural products to heal diseases and can recommend the proper treatment for your health condition after a scan. You can also test drugs from your doctor to determine the correct dosage and your body’s tolerance.

Another impressive feature is that the device can heal the body using biomagnetic and bioresonance therapy. This proven treatment activates the body’s own healing capabilities.

As advanced as the technology is, what is remarkable is that you don’t need any training to start using it the same day you receive it.

At Fivestar Health, we have Patient Guides who can operate the device remotely while you sit comfortably in your home to receive a full health screening and treatment if need be. You can also train with us to learn how to operate the device for diagnostics or healing, and you can learn as much as you need to. Our doctors and professionals can tailor your training to suit you.

Fivestar health connects you with doctors, specialists, nutritionists and other healthcare specialists to guide you through your diagnostic and healing process. Our doctors come from all fields of medicine, Mainstream allopathic medicine, natural medicine and chiropractic.

Also working with us are specialist doctors and surgeons just in case you need advanced treatment.

Fivestar Health is leading the world in Smart Healthcare Technologies connected to the best Medical and Healthcare Specialists.

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